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What is a Sales Page?

A sales page is what separates a prospect from a client. It’s a beautifully designed page that offers irresistible value giving your visitors the opportunity to buy from you.

There are many important elements that determine whether or not your page will convert or not.  Let’s look at what separates the prospects from the converted.

Structure of a Sales Page

  1. Hypnotic Headline
  2. Active Description
  3. A Call out to the Reader
  4. Juicy Descriptions of What They’ll Get
  5. Benefits
  6. Value
  7. Compelling Call to Action
  8. Testimonials
  9. Fast Acting Bonuses!!!
  10. Repeat Call to Action
  11. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The structure of the Sales Page can be used as a template.  Have it with you every time you start to write.

To include the psychology of a 6-figure sales page, ALWAYS start writing from within the head of your ideal client. Not from your prospects head and certainly not from yours!  You know way too much about your products and you’re dazzled by something completely different than your ideal client.

Write this like you’re talking to your friend and you’re solving all their problems and delivering them everything they want, within the context of your products of course.

The juicy description is where you get to open up and reveal all the goodies they’re going to get from you!  This is where you talk to their heart, their hopes and dreams; because you came to deliver to them exactly what they were looking for!

If you sell cardiac defibrillators you’re going to have a different description than someone buying a speed boat, but your ideal client is going to feel like you know them. You'll be speaking their language and talking to their heart.  (Maybe even literally)

This brings us to the value of what you’re offering. The value of your product, when presented to the right buyer, can be significantly higher than the price you’re charging for it and if presented correctly, your ideal client once they see the value of your product, will see your offer as being irresistible.

When this is crafted with your ideal client in mind your offers make your clients feel like they’re insane not to look at them!  After all, who wouldn’t want your product?!?

Yes, that’s a good question to ask and we’ll look into that further in another post!

Until then, if you’re looking for some help with any of our Tips & Tricks click here for a free no obligation consultation. www.AwarenessStrategies.com/m30


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