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Optimizing Opt ins

We all know there are tons of businesses offering tons of opt-ins and tons of information can be had from it.  But do you really want to add to the ocean of information out there or do you want to offer a proverbial high-speed boat to navigate those waters?!?

If you want to unforgettable and invaluable to your clients, then you want to stand out right from the get-go. We’ve identified a few things that will differentiate you from your competition and allow you to become legendary!

Make it High Value to a Specific Group

#1 Give Them What They’re Looking For

People know what they don’t want for sure.  Sometimes they know what they want.  Rarely do they know how to ask for it.  But that’s where you come in. Researching what people want is easier than you might think it is.  Reverse Google searches, posting a word or two to a Facebook group will all give you an idea of what people are searching for.  Use the words they use to describe their problems and you’re in!

#2 Articulate Your Expertise

Stick to what you know and write about it prolifically.  (That’s like a lot, but a lot of lot)

When you stick to your area of expertise you’ll notice that you can add a LOT more value because the things you write off as commonplace are nuggets of gold for people who are looking for what you know.  And, the information that you consider valuable and important are leagues ahead of where they are.

First, you need to establish yourself as the expert in their minds, using the words they would use to describe their issues, then articulate your expertise by adding value of what you simply know to be true and then you can really wow them with what you know makes you an expert above the rest.

#3 Give Them Eye Candy

I know, words change the world, but a picture is worth a thousand words, not to mention that it’s way easier to catch their attention.

Think you’re more of an “information” type than “graphic creative”? That’s ok! Outsourcing that kind of creativity is getting easier and easier, however, it’s probably more important than ever to make sure that your message gets properly conveyed.  Your ideal clients need to know that they’re at the right place at the right time and that you’re the one for them!

Make it Easy to Consume

#4 Get to the point. 

I know there’s a huge trend right now to babble to get buy-in, in the right market, that might be appropriate, but for 99.99997% of the businesses out there, which most likely includes you, get to the goods. Make your materials consumable and that will leave them wanting more.  If they can’t find the time to read it, they aren’t likely to go back for more.

#5 Keep it Simple       

Keep it readable to your average consumer. Keep it accessible to your average consumer.  And, Keep it usable to your average consumer.

On average, you want your writing at a grade 6 level, even though your clientele are all university professors.  They can read grade 6 reports way faster than your average thesis.  Stick to grade 6.

People like what they know and are familiar; stick to .pdfs and other easy to access files.

It doesn’t require hoops.

Easily available means that your leads don’t have to jump through hoops to get to your opt in. If they have to click on a link to subscribe, ensure that the next thing they click is the signup form, not just another landing page for them to learn even MORE about what they’re getting. Simplicity is your friend!

Make it Readily Available

#6 Give Them What they want, Where and When The Want it.

Make sure your prospects can access your opt-in from wherever they are, whenever they’re there and from anything they’re on.  Over 50% of online sales are happening on mobile phones, over 10% of all purchases are online, and both of those numbers are growing.

Oh ya, and give it to them! Put it on your header; put it in the footer of your blogs; or the signature of your emails.  Don’t make your ideal client hunt for you, ‘cause odds are that they won’t.

Bonus! Immediate Access

If they’ve come to your site to get your stuff, give them your stuff!  Make sure your opt-in gets delivered to them immediately!  Let them know they have to whitelist your email address and tell them what that address is!

Possibilities are endless on the Internet, and because it moves so quickly, you need to have an autoresponder set up through an email software that delivers their freebie. Like, RIGHT NOW.

Oh ya, and upsell.  That's your double bonus.

If you want any help to figure out how you can best take advantage of these ideas, click here for a free no obligation consultation!


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