It’s so Canadian that it’s right up there with Hockey.  No, it’s not Sorry.  What is it then?

"Thank You."

Yep.  That’s it.  When you start using Thank-You pages with high value targeted offers, conversions start rolling in like cars in the drive-through at a grand opening of the new Timmies.

It doesn’t have to be to buyers alone, offer valued free advice and once they’ve agreed to consider your information, you can offer them more value that pertains to their purchase.

It’s kind of like “would you like fries with that?” but it’s specific to your clients.  So offer a checklist of "Things to Know" before they buy, once they’ve opted in you can thank them for their interest and ask if they’d be interested in something else you have of value.

We all know the significance of “Would you like fries with that”, but are you doing it in your business?

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