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Not so long ago, this was a dream only affordable to big business. Small business could aspire to it, and they could fantasize about it, but they couldn’t do it because there wasn’t any one software system that would integrate their marketing, sales, and billing into one system.

Inevitably, small business owners were stuck with a Frankenware operation that had several software systems attempting to work with each other, little of which was integrated, and if it was integrated would break down as soon as one system updated and left the others behind.

Today, your dream can come true! Infusionsoft has put together the only logic-based system that not only allows you to integrate your marketing, sales, and billing, it also gives you control over who gets what when and WHY!

Instead of annoying your clients with more “marketing” of a product, when clearly they’ve already bought it, you can move on to cross-selling or even up-selling them! Let your competitors annoy people with email, calls, and mail-outs that aren’t pertinent to them.  Your marketing will only be directed to what your people want thereby increasing the value and the frequency with which people buy from you!

Fascinated?  We are too!  We LOVE helping entrepreneurs set up their small business automation because it helps you to make more money, free up your time and gain the control over your life that you went into business to build!

We believe that being an entrepreneur is about FREEDOM!  Freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whoever you want!  But, you can’t do that when you’re not making enough money, or you have to be ‘in’ your business to make it work!

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