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Find Millions of Dollars in Sales,
Increase Profits, and Decrease your Stress
through Automating Marketing Systems.

Spend Your Time, doing what you love.

Are you a Forward-thinking Leader

who wants to...

  • Incorporate or improve your e-commerce
  • Leverage untapped marketing and sales channels?
  • Grow your reach, impact, and profit?

Have you ever had the experience....

You wanted to do something in your business, but
You didn’t know how you were going to get there?

  • Maybe you achieved that goal, but it took longer than you were hoping.
  • Maybe you’re in the process of achieving it but it’s
    not working the way you thought it should have. OR
  • Maybe you never did achieve it and abandoned the idea all together.

Grant with Awareness Strategies

What if there was a way to:

  1.  Set your goals,
  2. Use what’s working for you, 
  3. Cut out the waste earlier rather than later and 
  4. Implement proven systems and best practices.

And, optional bonuses of having someone, who is experienced, there for you when you have questions along the way and with optional the financing to make it all happen!

Digital Adoption Roadmap by Awareness Strategies

The Digital Adoption Roadmap

Could be EXACTLY what you've been looking for.

Your comprehensive, in depth plan lays out everything you'll need to succeed in the next five years!

Working with Us!

Means Getting The Job Done Right

We're a Digital Marketing Agency like None Other

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Customer Reviews

Virginia Muzquiz Testimonials of Awareness Strategies

Virginia Muzquiz

"Before I met Awareness Strategies I had a hot jumbled mess." "Awareness Strategies Rocks!
I refer them to everyone I know that is scaling their businesses and have to have systems that work." 

Heather Pearce Campbell Testimonials of Awareness Strategies

Heather Pearce Campbell

"It has been such a relief to have Awareness Strategies on my team. Issues that would have previously kept me stuck or frustrated are now getting resolved, and things are moving in my business! And they keep moving instead of coming to a halt when a new tech or marketing issue comes up. Having their consistent support is a game changer. I highly recommend their services!"

Ann Hession

I started this business from nothing.  No list, no social media;  I had nothing.
Two months later I had my first launch and made $40K that weekend.  There's NO WAY I could have done that without Awareness Strategies.  
And, they continue to meet my needs as I grow.

Jay Fiset Testimonials for Awareness Strategies

Jay Fiset

“I have attempted to have us, as an organization, use technology as  supposed to technology using us, and I think one of the most important considerations on that is having a great team, so which is why I’ve been working with Awareness Strategies during the last 8 years"

Project Management and Implementation

Web Design

Fast, Functional, and Monetizing.


Get Found by those looking


Clean data increases your profits!


User Experience Optimization


Money going where you want it to go.


Reflections of who you are

Email Marketing

Respecting your client's ideal journey.

Marketing Automation

Promote your products and services.

Social Media

Social media strategy. ROI is the goal. 

Ensure Productivity in Your Business, 
Never again will your business be at a standstill
because every action takes us towards your goals, and
when it needs to get done, it is done!

If you're transferring data "Manually", 

You need to automate

to 10x your Profit!

Awareness Strategies Digital Marketing Agency

Our Proven System includes:

  • A Review of your current business processes in order to optimize your systems.
  • Eliminate all redundant work that costs time and money but does not improve client relationships.
  • Review your products to improve lifetime value and increase repeat clientele.
  • Assess your current data base integration to improve client integrity between departments.
  • Improve your abandoned cart sequences to capture clients who are interested by hadn't made decision.

  • Analyze your current dysfunctional systems and report back with viable alternatives to fix broken systems.
  • Optimize and track different traffic channels to improve cohesive messaging and increase marketing efforts.
  • Assess your current system to find lost or corrupt data with an impact analysis.
  • Improve your ideal client's ideal journey and engage with your clients with what they need
    when they need it.

We are also Infusionsoft Experts

Keap Max Classic

We specialize in it and understand how to use every aspect of it to help you grow your business.  

The Components

Add millions to your bottom line by doing things you can't with any other software, or software combination. 

The Strategy 

Use strategies that have helped other businesses, just like yours, to add digits to their bottom numbers.

The Implementation

Bringing your ideas to life.

As a Digital Marketing Agency that Specializes in Automation...

We love working with entrepreneurs who want to maximize technology's ability improve their revenue and profit. 

Professional Services: As business professionals your team doesn't have time to research technology let alone to implement marketing, sales and operational automation that not only streamlines your business but improves your billable hours.  That's why you need sophisticated systems.

E-commerce Companies: If you use Shopify then you'll want specialized techs who ensure that the back end of your systems are working correctly. If your doing over $1 million in sales, you'll want scalable solutions that allow your followers to keep in touch with you and further grow your business.

Information Product Companies: Some of the best information product companies in the world have not only trusted us, but they sought us out as the experts in Affiliate and Membership Marketing Automation. Having worked with some of the top joint venture companies in the world, setting up and maintaining their affiliate marketing, and lead generation through On Stage, Webinar, Challenge or Summit models, business growth is a given! When you're doing over half a million, setting you up to scale with proven business models, and automating the repeated efforts really provides the extra value.

What makes us different?

Not only do we know how to strategize for profitable revenue, we also know how to make software like Keap Max Classic, formerly Infusionsoft sing like the Stratovarius that it is, AND integrate it with other software to minimize efforts and expenses. and maximize performance.

Awareness Strategies Team is set up to work directly with your team.  Weekly check-in calls and quarterly meetings ensure that your goals and objectives are being met, that they align with your vision and that deadlines are met. With Awareness Strategies Team handling your marketing implementation, you’re free to focus on your revenue generating activities: The part of your business that you love!

What is Business Automation?

Billing Automation

Anywhere you have credit card processing, and especially
monthly billing, you want to have it automated for ease and regulations. If you don't currently have continuity programs, let's get you set up. with one! It’s one of the easiest ways to free up time in your month and give you monthly income. 

Marketing Automation

Bringing qualified leads into your business and converting them, not only into clients, but into raving fans should be your first strategy so that you have consistent business growth. Through marketing automation you can ensure automatic promotion, registration and confirmation are sent out and that login emails and texts are timely, consistent and accurate.  

Sales Automation

Sales automation is easier than you think.  Whether your products are sold online or through a bricks and mortar business, automating your sales process makes signing deals that much easier! Appointment setting, proposals, and contracts can all be set up automatically including follow up reminders or even emails ensuring higher conversions!

Not Sure Where to Start?

But, know that
You're Not Getting enough Leads?
Check if search engines are
shutting down your traffic...

A Note From Our Founders...

Welcome to Awareness Strategies!

We believe the entrepreneurial spirit is what is going to change the world for the better.  As a company our primary aim is to help you make your company succeed.  We believe there’s a better and easier way to get the job done.  And, in doing so, we want to make sure you have the right systems in place to grow your business as quickly and easily as you possibly can.

What that means to us is that we do things differently than most.  We triage our client's concerns so when they need something done; it gets done.  We make sure that you own and control your business, including your assets, data and the good will of your business.  We advocate for our clients.  And, at the end of the day, we're the kind of people who hug our clients and celebrate their successes. 

As avid entrepreneurial supporters we love to travel the world and experience business in different cultures. We train and learn around the world. We've even curated an international team of true renaissance thinkers.  Although we all specialize in one core element of the business, we're all self motivated, perpetual learners with diverse interests and abilities.

We feel the heart of small business.

Brad Mooney & Michelle Nedelec