Products and Services That We Recommend & Provide

Note: Many of these products we have an Affiliate code and could be making money. These are Products we know work well and recommend.

  Handy Business Software

Keap Max Classic (formerly known as Infusionsoft)

Keap’s CRM and sales and marketing platform was built to help you dramatically grow your sales and save time by eliminating business chaos.

For the Done with You, and Done For you services we use

  • Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft)
  • Special Partner Version (You can not get this through the Keap website)
  • Full Keap Max Classic including e-commerce (Affiliate Tracking) and Sales Pipeline 
  • 5,000 contacts, 3 users $199/month
  • First 2 months, 50% off

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Click Here for Done With You support - Entrepreneurial Growth Program

Click Here for Done For You Support - Ignite Your Business

For the Special version for the "help you do it" you need ASI Special Edition Keap Max with e-Commerce (Affiliate Tracking).

Click here for more information on the ASI Special Edition Keap Max.

Event Raptor

Simplifying Virtual Event Management 

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Automate your Appointment Setting Process for Your Infusionsoft, Google, and Outlook Calendars

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Building Powerful, Automated Membership Sites with WordPress & Infusionsoft Has Never Been This Simple

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The #1 Campaign Toolkit for Marketing Automation Users

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Web hosting that scales from easy to expert.

A ton of website hosting options, 99.9% uptime guarantee, free SSL certificate, easy WordPress installs, and a free domain for a year.

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From onboarding to ongoing engagement and education, Spiffy is the easiest way to update your team on products, policies, and procedures.

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A video software built for marketing & eLearning

Enhance your websites conversions and help your customers to learn better with Vidello.

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  Handy Business Support

Or maybe it's just an inkling of a thought. Either way, click here to check out Cathlyn Melvin's programs before you do. It'll save you a ton of time and mistakes by getting you going in the right direction right off the bat leaving you with a talk that you're forever proud to call your own.

Payment Processing with a High Tech, High Touch approach. At InChek we are selective about our clients because we want to ensure that we are able to give you the best service, support and technology that is available to you!

One that converts your leads into clients!

A done for you fully optimized & implemented quiz funnel. No tech headache and zero stress levels

Kylie Lang is known as the Quiz Queen and has created Quiz Funnels for a range of businesses from corporates and coaches to service providers and start ups. There are a lot of moving parts in a high converting quiz and to optimize your quiz to the highest level all these pieces need to work in harmony together. Don't take risks with the one lead magnet that is guaranteed to not only bring in highly qualified leads but to also give you lots of juicy data about those leads that you can use to convert them into clients.

Choose your level of service: 
Done for You  Done with You  Quiz Funnel Fix

You do NOT have time to make all the videos for social media. It is ridiculous for you to make posts every day and be able to still do things in your business! You need to hire a VA or social media marketing team, but WAIT! These people don't sound anything like YOU. For 1 hour of your time we can make you a month worth of video content that doesn't just sound like you, it is you, and it's the absolute best version of you. Are you going to say no to you?

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Orly Zeewy is the author of Ready, Launch, Brand: The Lean Marketing Guide for Startups and is known as as a Facilitator of Lightbulb Moments. Her one superpower? She makes fuzzy clear. She turns disjointed content into clear marketing messages that help companies cut through the noise of “me too” messaging. If you’re struggling to explain what you do and your LinkedIn profile is not attracting your ideal leads, it may be time to elevate your brand


We use our experience to create yours

Brad Mooney

Brad Mooney, IT Director

With our specialized IT department you will have top of the line experts working for you to get your IT completed and completed Right! Our IT Director, Brad Mooney, has over 30 years of experience with IT project management, infrastructure, architecture and so much more that he can not only figure out your funnel logic, but he also knows how to put all of your IT requirements into the most simple and cost effective solution for you, all the while ensuring that YOU maintain control of ALL of your assets.  

Michelle Nedelec, Creative Director

With our specialized marketing department you will have the top designers, copywriters and creatives working for you to deliver top notch assets that you will use to entice and attract your ideal clients.  Our Creative Director, Michelle Nedelec, has over 30 years not only running her own sales and creative companies, she specializes in persuasive communication, web development, and the psychology of design.  Together with our team of creatives your ideas will be flying off the pages, flowing into the minds of your ideal clients.

Strategy & Research

Sit down with our Marketing and Creative Director to strategize exactly how to build out your marketing that is as easy as possible and will turn a profit as quickly as possible. 

Design & Development

Our Done For You program ensures that whatever design and development you need, whether opt-ins, landing pages, or help writing course content, we ensure that it gets done!

Marketing & Target

Still trying to figure out your niche market?  No worries.  We get that nailed down for you easily so that you are loving moving forward and finding and attracting your Ideal Clients. 


Discover how we make a difference with your company

Each business is unique and we appreciate that.  We appreciate what you bring to the table and all of the work that you've done up to now.  That's why we know how important it is that your content makes it out into the world.  You can't be the worlds best kept secret.

We treat all of our clients like they're our most important client, because we believe you are.  And, that means we have a vested interest in your success.  We have a standard of making sure our 10 guiding principles of business are always abided by.