Starting Small with
Big Dreams?

Awareness Strategies has partnered with Keap to bring you a CRM that is easy for you to navigate AND has all the power of Infusionsoft: The Premier CRM for ecommerce,
and affiliate marketing. 

why the ASI Special Edition?

Get set up right so you can scale!

There are so many mixed messages in the digital marketing world that it's easy to go into a tailspin. But, when it comes to building a system that increases the goodwill value of your company; creates loyal raving fans whom you can up-sell, down-sell, cross-sell and nurture; sell to; AND get affiliates selling for you...there is no competition to Infusionsoft.  

Solopreneurs have the right to build the right infrastructure so they can start building their list and when they're ready take a smooth stride to the next level.  We make those pie in the sky dreams a reality.  

That's why we put together this Special Edition just for you!

Just starting an online business?

You're in the RIGHT PLACE!

Our ASI Special Edition Keap comes with
And, you get it at a start up price!  
Because we know you're going to need it!
So, you might as well start with it. 

If you're planning on building an online business there are things you're going to need.

You'll need a CRM (Database)...

  • You need to collect names.
    You do that through opt-in forms.
  • You need to sell to your database.
    You do that through knowing your prospects, what they have and what they want.
  • You need to nurture your list.
    You do that by keeping relevant information in front of your prospects who have shown interest.

You need a Logic Based Email System...

  • Only with Keap are your contacts the center of your business.  This means that you can:
  • Up-sell (sell them bigger packages)
  • Down-sell (sell them smaller offers)
  • Cross-sell (sell them other services)
  • Offer affiliate promotions they may be interested in.

You need a Shopping Cart (Ecommerce)...

  • You need to be able to accept payments without being involved in the transaction. 
  • You need to collect money monthly without having to follow up.
  • You need to let people know their card has expired, that dues are coming up and a host of other reminders that you should not be involved in.

You need Affiliate Tracking...

  • You need to have other people promote your products and services to their tribe.
  • In order to do that you need to track what they're promoting and when.
  • When you get "big" partners they want to track how many leads they got, who bought, what commissions are to be paid out when. You need a transparent back end.

The secret


If you're not a techy the word "Integration" may not mean anything to you.  However, when you're running an online business, you're going to need software and as you want to do more amazing things, such as offer courses, get signed contracts or track your accounting, you'll need to bring in more software.

If that software doesn't integrate with your current systems, you end up with what we call Frankenware.  

And, just like poor Frankenstein, it doesn't end up working like you hoped it would. 

In our experience, there isn't anything that we can't make happen with the right integration.

But, you're not there yet!  

Right now, all you need to know is that as you grow your business,
you have the foundational software you need to grow your business,
scale your systems and, 
position yourself as an industry leader.

At Cost!

Sign up now for only $1,197/year