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February 6

Are you looking to attract, grow and retain your organization’s highest performers?

In this episode of the Business Ownership Podcast I interviewed Stever Robbins.

Stever is a serial entrepreneur, top-10 iTunes podcaster, and productivity expert.

He co-founded the early internet success story FTP Software, served as COO of Building Blocks Interactive, CEO of JobTacToe.com, and has been an initial team member of ten start-ups, including four IPOs and three acquisitions.

He currently runs Get-it-Done Groups™, which help people make extreme progress on important projects and habits.

In this conversation you can learn how to attract the best-of-best talent to your organization, how to meet their needs & how to keep the high-performing employees always challenged & unlock their full potential.

Check this out!

Stever Robbins Contact: https://www.steverrobbins.com/contact/
Stever Robbins LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stever/

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