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January 30

If professional success is not what you know, but Who you know, how do you find them?

Even more than that, do you know Who you are looking for?

In this episode of the Business Ownership Podcast I interviewed Wendy C Caverly.

Wendy is the Founder of Crusaders Networking and she is helping people build strong connections with the right people.

Wendy is a speaker & consultant.

In this amazing conversation we spoke about the four reasons you need to connect, the goals those connections will help you achieve, and an introduction to the skills to help you accomplish your goals.

Learn about the how to find the who. Learn how to find the right ones.

Check this out!

Wendy C Caverly LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendy-c-caverly/
Wendy Caverly Website: https://www.wendycaverly.com/

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