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September 19

Thinking about building a speaking career?

In this episode of the 7-8 Special Series from the Business Ownership Podcast I interviewed Steve Siebold.

Steve is an author & speaker on mental toughness training for sales teams.

His television appearances include The Today Show, Good Morning America, ABC News, FOX, CBS, BBC, NBC Australia.

Steve is the Founder of Mental Toughness University in 1986, which has helped corporations increase sales collectively by $1.3 billion dollars.

In this interview we spoke about skills that people need to get payed for speaking and become professionals.

Learn how to improve your speaking skills & become professional speaker.

Check it out!

Speech Workshop to Learn Keynote Speaking Skills: https://www.authorspeakeracademy.com/speech-workshop

Public Speakers Blog: https://publicspeakersblog.speechworkshop.com/

Steve Siebold LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/siebold/

Looking to scale your business? Get free gifts here to help you on your way: www.AwarenessStrategies.com


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