Are you losing nerd arguments with your partner?

I interviewed an amazing couple, Jenn Page and John L. Curtis.

They created The Nerd Couple Show: settling Nerd couple arguments one episode at a time.

Jenn Page is an accomplished feature and series director who was selected by Take The Lead as one of the “50 Women Who Can Change The World in Media & Entertainment” and by Blackmagic Collective as one of 6 directors for the "Future Women of TV" initiative.

John L. Curtis is a seasoned actor who has appeared in films, television and stage for over 20 years. Some of his work includes "Without A Trace," "CSI," "Castle," and "Ghost Whisperer."

Learn how nerd arguing brings productivity to your life & peace in your relationship.

Also, don't forget to win another nerdy argument with your partner!

Check it out!


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