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November 18

Want to get paid for podcasting by creating profitable partnerships with your guests?

In this episode of the Business Ownership Podcast I interviewed Chuck Anderson.

Chuck is an Affiliate Marketing Consultant & investor.

He shares his 5-step strategy for turning podcast hosts or guests into a powerful affiliate network that promote your business.

Learn how to build an army of affiliates promoting your product around the clock – without having to lift a finger.

Check it out!

Book a call with Chuck: https://calendly.com/talk-to-chuck/20min

Chuck Anderson Coaching Website: https://www.chuckandersoncoaching.com/

Join our Facebook group for business owners to get help or help other business owners!

The Business Ownership Group - Secrets to Scaling: The Business Ownership Group: Secrets to Scaling

Looking to scale your business? Get free gifts here to help you on your way: https://www.awarenessstrategies.com/


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