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August 2

Ari Galper is the world's #1 authority on trust-based selling and has been featured in CEO Magazine, Forbes, INC Magazine, SkyNews and the Australian Financial Review.

Ari has created a unique and different sales approach based on trust and integrity called UNLOCK THE GAME -- designed so the dreaded act of "chasing" and the painful experience of rejection is eliminated forever - a feat never thought possible, until now.

It is specifically for business owners, consultants and sales professionals, who struggle with converting potential clients into paid clients. Many focus on growing their networks, having more conversations ("numbers game"), but converting them into paying clients, remains an elusive mystery.

Ari's big lesson you'll learn today, is that you lose the sale, not because you haven't demonstrated enough value, but because you haven't created enough trust -- a mindset shift that has changed thousands of people's lives.


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