Want to improve your leadership effectiveness?

In this episode of the Business Ownership Podcast I interviewed Michael Tanner.

Michael is a leadership coach & a podcast host.

He helps aspiring leaders that have that internal nagging question of "how can I be a better leader?" and the team that feels like "we just can't seem to get ahead, no matter how hard we try."

Learn how to be a great leader & make your team a winning one.

Check it out!

Credible Leaders website: https://www.credibleleaders.com/

Credible Leaders sign up to be an affiliate: https://www.credibleleaders.com/affiliate_users/sign_up

Michael Tanner LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/1tanner/

Looking to scale your business? Get free gifts here to help you on your way: www.AwarenessStrategies.com


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