In order to become a master of something one must study the virtues, methods and skills repeatedly and on a continuous basis. We want you to master awareness, master success, and enjoy the process immensely.

Awareness Mastery is a
combination of coaching, success therapy, and a whole lot more!

.....On a WEEKLY basis you will.....

Receive Coaching Calls
Awareness MasteryWeekly live 30 minute personal coachingover the phone. This will be personal coaching for you, helping you stay on track to achieving your goals.

These calls focus on YOUR needs. They contain more information and exercises that were developed to bring the course material into your everyday life to facilitate change in the most enjoyable and quickest manner possible. Basically, we want to blow your mind, for the better of course.

.....On a MONTHLY basis you will.....

One on One Success Therapy Session.

This is an opportunity where you will be able to overcome mountains of limiting beliefs in a two hour session.

Create a list of items that you want to overcome or just show up and we'll uncover what is taking you out of the game. Either works great.

Whether you want to overcome fear of rejection, alergies, core negative beliefs, or instill confidence, memory recall, persistance, we can do it AND MORE in these sessions.

.....On a YEARLY basis you will.....

Have discounts and access to all of our courses.

 We firmly believe that life gives you what you are ready to receive. That is why we have developed Awareness Mastery the way that we have. As your awareness increases you will be prepared for new information that is on a whole new level of thinking.

Awareness MasteryStarting with "Consciously Creating My Life" seminar you will have and excellent foundation of information to build on to become a master of awareness.

Once you are well on your way to understanding exactly how in control of your life you really are, you are ready for “Creating Wealth ” and “The Science of Getting Rich.”

Each year you will complete "Consciously Creating My Life" to review the information and to restablish your goals as most people find that they complete their list in the year and come from a completly different space each year of the program. It propells you further and further ahead.

Not only is the Awareness Mastery Program a phenomenal savings it also transforms peoples lives, in their Health, Wealth and Relationships.

Because Awareness Mastery is such a life changing process, we want your spouse to come with you. Accordingly, we have special pricing available to anyone who would like to sign up as a couple.

Awareness Mastery is based on a one year commitment, but we know that with the amount of changes you make you'll be dedicated to all three years or more!

To attend our an upcoming introductory seminar, click here.

"It's like any complex material. You have to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals before you move on. Otherwise you are just regurgitating information that you really don't understand."
Dave Timko geophysicist on Awareness Mastery

“You can say “I know that.”, but the only way to know if you know something is to look at your results. You may have heard something many times before, but if it doesn’t reflect in your results then you don’t know it, you’ve simply memorized what someone else has said.” T Harv Eker Personal Development Trainer

Awareness Mastery Primary Member

Awareness Mastery Primary Member

Awareness Mastery is a Life Style Program. Each year contains different courses and all are loaded with; Weekly coaching, Monthly success therapy sessions, Monthly training CD's, Quarterly training and goal workshops, Quarterly training CD's and so much more.
Awareness Mastery Spousal Member

Awareness Mastery Spousal Member

All the benefits of being an Awareness Mastery Pimary Member but at an even greater savings. Spousal Memberships are only available to households that have a spouse who is currently or being signed up as a Primary Member.

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